Important to know


Driver Guide - Driver Escort - Local Guide .. too many sites are not clear regarding this topic ... we are different ... and we are pleased to help you to understand the reason why a simple (sometimes similar) Sicilian Excursion has different rate if you inquire to different companies:


A lot of our competitors on the web NEVER specify the difference between a "Licensed Tourist Guide" and a "Driver Escort or/and Driver Guide". But in our opinion is import to know:


-Driver Escort or Driver Guide (like we are at SDG) are chauffeurs (or drivers) able to drive you in the main Sicilian highlights... we are your Friendly Sicilian GPS!!!


SDG-Sicily Driver Guide, is a chauffeurs' association (Driver Escorts/Driver Guide) specialized to drive clients around our amazing island. We are able to provide basic tourist  information, we are friendly, we can show you the main highlights, we can talk with you regarding gastronomy, wineries, traditions, Sicilian legends, teaching you some phrases of Sicilian dialect ... we are knowledgeable and we have an umbrella of information.  


We are not Licensed Tourist Guides and because of it, we cannot escort you inside the monuments and main sites. This is not allowed by Italian Government. In case you are looking to have an excursion/tour using a Licensed Tourist Guide able to provide a professional service, feel free to advise us before your arrival in Sicily. In case you need this extra service you must pay a surcharge and we will arrange for tourist guide to meet you directly on the spot with us.


-Licensed Tourist GuideS are the only professionals (with a Regional license) permitted to conduct visits and tours in all sites and museums within a city.


Of course using this service the rate is not competitive (professional and qualified service=expensive) and this is the reason why we prefer to not include it in the basic cost.


The opportunity also exists (available on request) to have a Licensed Tourist Guide-Driver. In this case you will have a private driver and at the same time a licensed tourist guide ... and ... believe me: it is a great solution! In case you are looking for an upscale service like this, feel free to inquire us and we will be glad to provide this service using some tourist guide friends of ours!

Tour/Excursion with Tourist-Guide-Driver


For your information, to become a Licensed Tourist Guide in Italy & Sicily candidates must pass an examination given by the local public tourist authorities to assess and test their knowledge of the city in terms of its history and geography, its art and architecture, its museums and art galleries, churches, its environs and cultural features. As part of the requirements, candidates must also prove their knowledge of each of the foreign languages they applied for with oral and written tests.