Following Tour/Excursion acceptance, we will send you the details regarding payment amount. Payment of DEPOSIT can With US: you can pay through PayPal in your own currencybe in EURO & US Dollars. We are also able, on request, to accept CAD (Canadian Dollars) AUD (Australian Dollars) and GBP (Pounds).

Exchange rates will be calculated from our office AT TIME OF booking and we will advise soon regarding ROE (Rate Of Exchange)


Step 1: To confirm our services you have to pay us the deposit using PayPal system.


Step 2:

-You will pay the BALANCE directly on the spot, CASH EURO only. 

-In case you need to pay the balance in your own currency, you can pay us through Pay Pal in advance.


Deposit due for services in Sicily: EURO

Deposit due for services in Sicily: USD