DRIVER FOR YOUR CAR: Your Car ... our Driver!


Forget GPS—Customers in the major Sicilian cities can now book professional chauffeurs for their rental cars.


SDG-Sicily Driver Guide has teamed up with We-Drive-U, a private chauffeur service, to make this convenient new option available just for you.

With SDG-Sicily Driver Guide Chauffeur Drive, fully insured and certified drivers, who know the ins and outs of local thoroughfares and can navigate city streets with ease, pick up customers in their rental cars, or hotel, chauffeur them around town, and can drop them off and return their rentals at the end of their trip. There's no need to wrestle with maps and directions, and customers can get tour/sightseeing,work done while en route to their destination, making the time savings alone worth it for business travellers in a crunch. And offering customers the best of both worlds: a driver for the part of their trip they need one, and just the car for the rest of the journey.

Customers can reserve chauffeurs up to 1 week in advance in Palermo, Taormina, Catania. Of course this service is ON REQUEST and subject to availability. For a tour of Sicily we stricky recommend you to contact us really soon to have one of our best chauffeur. Our chauffeurs are able to speak English, Italian, French, Spanish.


Contact our office for rate and availability