We have selected just for you, a vast range of Sicilian chauffeur services (Driver Escort) able to satisfy your needs.

In case you would like to have our Sicilian expertise also to customize a tour or to find the hotel that fits your needs, feel free to contact our company.

We are happy to provide services such as:


-Transfers from one town to another;

-Conferences and Incentives;

-Business Travel;

-Airport transfers;


We are also happy to anounce that we provide a special service called "Private Escorted Tour": with this programme you can create your personalized itinerary and travel with your very own professional driver/tour escort/guide to experience this unique destination without hassle while exploring the landscapes.

This program provide the benefit of smaller group sizes of 2-6 travelers (based on your need), staying at an impressive selection of hotels of your choice in all star-rating categories in the art cities … or trace your family’s history across Sicily. Travelers welcome the individual attention that they experience in a small group, where each of their requests is readily met. SDG-Sicily Driver Guides’ private escorted guides can provide certain uniqueness to each tour, not only with their insights into the region, but also offering diverse options and excursions based on your wishes.

So come and indulge in your very own Sicilian dolce vita!

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